Cereal Milk No-Churn Ice Cream

Choose from three simple, no-churn cereal milk ice creams to make at home — fruity flakes, peanut butter puffs, or cinnamon squares.

Eco-Friendly Uses for Ice Cream Cones

Ice cream cones aren’t solely for eating. You can make eco-friendly planters, bird feeders, party favors, and more with your favorite Joy products.

Honey Lavender Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Perfect for those with lactose intolerance, or simply curious about non-dairy milk alternatives, this honey lavender dairy-free ice cream is sure to please.

Dark Chocolate Cake Cup Truffle

Ganache is one of the easiest desserts to make—and one of the most indulgent. Ganache is the chocolate center of a truffle, and its melt-in-your mouth, chocolate creaminess is the perfect bite-size treat. We added a little crispiness to this delectable dessert with crushed Joy Cones, to create a balance of crunch and creaminess. Here’s…

5 Weight Watchers-Friendly Joy Cone Treats

Weight Watchers® is all about losing weight without having to sacrifice the foods you love. At Joy Cone, we celebrate the joy of treating yourself. Lucky for you, Joy Cones allow you to indulge without deviating from your diet. While nutrition information varies between types of Joy Cones, each of our cones are compatible with…