Reindeer Ice Cream Cones

Turn Santa’s notable holiday helpers into a fun ice cream treat with the help of JOY Sugar Cones, cookies, and wafer sticks.

White Chocolate Praline Bread Pudding

In this white chocolate praline bread pudding, JOY Waffle Cones take the place of stale bread, soaking up custard with flavors of vanilla and cinnamon and delighting the whole family.

Pumpkin Cannoli Ice Cream Cones

These cannoli ice cream cones are filled with a sweet ricotta cheese mixture and decorated in fall candies for a perfect autumn treat!

Pumpkin Cheesecake enJOY-a-Bowls™

We’ve taken one of our favorite fall flavors — pumpkin — and married it with a no-bake cheesecake for adorable mini cheesecakes in enJOY-a-Bowl waffle bowls.

Fall Crafts Featuring Joy Cones

Kids will love these fall ice cream cone crafts, featuring spooky witches’ hats, scarecrows, cornucopias, painted pumpkins, and more!