Easter Candy Cone

It’s Easter, but maybe the kids have been home for a couple of weeks, and everyone could use a little fun. Happily, fun is Joy Cone’s specialty.  We’ve got a quick and delicious treat everyone will love. With a few easy-to-find ingredients, you’ll soon be on your way to giving the whole family a memorable…

The Joy of Creativity

Kids think there’s nothing more fun than eating an ice cream cone and, up until now, they’ve been right.  Joy Cone, however, is turning the fun up a notch with our Cut-and-Color Joy Waffle Cone Sleeves.  We’ve supplied a few designs, and also included blanks so kids can create their own masterpieces! Here’s what you’ll…

Pot o’ Gold

Begorrah! Each March 17, people around the world, no matter what their heritage, become Irish for 24 hours. St. Patrick’s Day is a sure sign of the coming spring and, after a long winter, everyone’s in the mood to celebrate.  This St. Paddy’s Day, surprise your family and friends with a dessert that will make…

Reindeer Ice Cream Cones

Turn Santa’s notable holiday helpers into a fun ice cream treat with the help of JOY Sugar Cones, cookies, and wafer sticks.

White Chocolate Praline Bread Pudding

In this white chocolate praline bread pudding, JOY Waffle Cones take the place of stale bread, soaking up custard with flavors of vanilla and cinnamon and delighting the whole family.