Ghost Ice Cream Cones

Total Time: Approximately 20-25 Minutes Makes: 24-30 Servings15063-KV-joy-6_22_15-163713

What you need:

  • 24-30 Ice Cream Cups or Gluten Free Cake Cups
  • Package of White Fondant (Follow Directions on Package)
  • Chocolate Icing: Eyes/Mouth

Recipe Instructions:

Smooth out the white fondant enough to cover the Joy ice cream cone (follow directions on the fondant package). Place the cone so the rim is facing down on a cookie sheet. Cover the ice cream cone with fondant. Pinch the fondant towards the top of the cone and work your way down the sides of the cone to make the formation of a ghost. Dip a tooth pick in chocolate icing to form the eyes and mouth. enJOY!

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