Bug Cones

12 cake cup garden 1 163439Bug cones are perfect for Spring and Summer Parties!

Fill the cake cups with your favorite “dirt recipe” or make cupcake cones.  For the cupcake cone recipe, visit our Joy Ice Cream Cupcake post.

Top select cones with chocolate cookie crumbs and/or icing.  Then add the bugs of your choice.

Wondering how to make the bugs?  We provided the steps below.


  • Body: Red Spree
  • Black Food Writer
  • Eyes: small sprinkles or cake deco’s
  • Flower Stem: Green Sour S’ghetti


  • Body/Head/Legs: Orange Spice Gumdrops
  • Eyes/Spots: Candy Deco’s
  • Flower Pedals: Pink Candy Corn


  • Sour Worms
  • Candy Flowers
  • Flower Stems: Green Sour S’ghetti


  • Body: Sour Worm
  • Wings: Purple Gumdrop Fruit Slices

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